Valuation surveys may be required for different reasons: donations, estates, or to determine value for selling. The general appearance of the vessel is considered, market research is performed, and a Valuation Report is generated.

This surveyor subscribes to numerous valuation databases similar to blue book values for autos. However, the scope is greater and different type vessels require different resources to obtain reliable, repeatable, supportable results.

The full condition of the vessel is not determined; therefore, if the vessel has any significant deficiencies, the cost to correct these deficiencies would have to be subtracted from the assessed value. However, for the above listed purposes, a Valuation only survey may be just what is needed. The cost of a valuation survey usually is less than that of a Condition & Value (C&V) survey unless, for legal purposes, an in-depth analysis is required.

This surveyor follows USPAP appraisal guidelines and can defend the appraisal value as an expert witness in court if required. All deposition and court appearance fees are quoted on a case by case basis.