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A.M.S. Marine Surveyors perform below surveys.

Survey Types

Buyer's Survey

Survey for vessel buyer, suitable for purchaser, insurance, lender

Insurance C&V

Survey for vessel owner when required by insurance company


This is an in-depth inspection of a vessel's drive system.

Valuation Survey

Valuatio Survey only report for donation, estate, divorce, etc.


Non-destructive ultra-sound to examine metal boat hull plating for wastage


This surveyor offers cargo damage claims, cargo representation & On hire/Off hire

Damage Inspection

Determine the Nature, Scope, and Cause of damage in typical claims.

Owner's Agent

Vessel attributes, systems, technology, purchase guidance, repair guidance, etc.

Expert Witness

Represent manufacturer’s, insurance companies, boat owners, or boat yards with lawsuits, depositions, & interrogatories

Alison Mazon, A.M.S.®

Owner, A. Mazon & Associates 1999

Accredited Marine Surveyor®, yachts and small craft
Full Condition & Valuation Surveys
Vessel Valuation Reports
Mechanical Surveys
Insurance Claim Representation and Investigation
New Build Monitoring & Benchmark Reports
UTT Inspections of Metal Hulls (ASNT NDT Limited Type II Certification)
ABYC Technical Certifications (Standards, Electrical & Corrosion)
USPAP 15 Hr. Appraisal Course, 2012

Experience / Trainings:-

Past owner of boar repair, systems installation, and repower business. Society of Accredited Surveyors Testing VP for 6 years

  • ABYC Seminars (American Boat & Yacht Council)
  • NICB Seminars (National Insurance Crime Bureau)
  • Porsche Master Technician
  • Suzuki Master Technician

Current Occupation & Services

  • Accredited Marine Surveyor®, yachts and small craft
  • Full Condition & Valuation Surveys
  • Mechanical Surveys
  • Insurance Claim Representation and Investigation

Past Training / Awards / Positions

  • ABYC Seminars (American Boat & Yacht Council)
  • NICB Seminars (National Insurance Crime Bureau)
  • ASE Master Technician
  • Porsche Master Technician
  • Suzuki Master Technician
  • USPAP Training
  • American Cycle Association Tuner of the Year

Employment Experience

Owner, A. Mazon & Associates, Marine Surveyors 1999 ~
Owner, Bristol Marine:
Pleasure craft repair, upgrades, and installations 1994 ~ 1999

District Service Manager 1986 ~ 1991
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.:
Master ASE Technician, Master Porsche Technician, Responsible for Training,
Warranty Administration, and Customer Relations in 6 States.

Manager, Technical-Service Department & Outboard Sales Department 1974~1985
U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation (now American Suzuki): Responsible
for Warranty, Customer Relations, Technical, Technical Training, and
Field Service, and (with sales department) Outboard Sales and Dealer Development

Affiliations & Memberships, Current & Past

  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®, Accredited Marine Surveyor® (Y,SC #745)
  • SAMS® Testing VP, member of board of directors, 2008~2013
  • ABYC American Boat & Yacht Council (#13165)
  • IAMI International Association of Marine Investigators (#2753)
  • MEMA Marine Engine Manufactures Association*
  • SAE Society of Automotive Engineers*
  • ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials*
  • NASM National Association of Service Managers*
  • NAFE National Association of Female Executives*
  • ASE Automotive Service Excellence* *past

Patrick Devlin, A.M.S.

Pat came to A. Mazon & Associates approximately 8 years ago with a diverse background including commercial fishing on the Pacific coast, extensively modifying and operating a vessel used for scientific research on the Willamette and Columbia rivers superfund cleanup sites working as a shipwright on several classic cabin cruisers.

Types of Surveys:

  • C&V on power & sail
  • Insurance Renewal
  • Insurance Claim Inspections / Investigations
  • UTT on metal boats
  • Valuations
  • Walk Through Inspections

Survey Dynamics

Each survey and survey type involves an infinitely variable set of dynamics. The commonly involved parties are the buyer and the seller.

Survey Dynamics
Each survey and survey type involves an infinitely variable set of dynamics. The commonly involved parties are the buyer and the seller.

Proud Members of

SAMS®, Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

ABYC, American Boat & Yacht

NFPA, National Fire Protection

NMFS.NOAA, Doc Name/No. Search


NAMS, National Association of Marine Surveyors

IN Association of Marine Investigators

PTD Boat Show

Hard to believe, but boat show time is rapidly approaching. I have again reserved space #402 in the east walkway between halls D & E. Cort Corino, a Portland Based engine technician, will have the booth next to mine, and Englund Marine will be across from us with thousands of fishing, safety, and boating items on display. Plan to stop by and chat with Pat Devlin or myself January 10~14.


Below is a list of faults I commonly find in the course of an average survey.

List of Common Faults


- Kinked
- Wire Reinforcing Corroded
- Surface Cracked
- Extruded Through Clamps
- Incorrect Size for Spud Fitting
- Wrong Application


- Windows
- Portlights & Hatches
Not As Visible
- Deck Penetrations
- The Usual Suspects


- Broken
- Corroded
- Over-tightened
- Loose or Wrong
- Inadequate Number
- Improperly Placed

Safety from Common Faults

Fiberglass Propane Tank Recall

The United Stated Department of Transportation issued a recall order for all fiberglass propane tanks produced by the Lite Cylinder Company. Since the recall was announced, it appears the Lite Cylinder Company is out of business and is unable to fulfill their recall obligations. However, all of the remaining Lite Cylinder fiberglass propane tanks should be immediately removed from service, emptied, purged, DOT markings ground off, and rendered unable to be filled. All sizes are affected by this recall. Fiberglass tanks manufactured by other companies are not affected by this recall.


Actually, no one has to have a survey performed to purchase a vessel. But, the better question might be, why would’t you want a survey?

  1. First and foremost, a survey is a buyer’s assurance of the vessel’s true condition and not just the seller’s representation (or misrepresentation) of the vessel. Photos and websites tell very little of the actual story.
  2. Even a walkthrough by the buyer nearly always misses significant issues regardless of the buyer’s experience.
  3. Plus, a survey report contains a carefully researched market value and replacement value using many resources not available to the general public.
  4. Additional reasons you likely will need a survey are for insurance and for lending. Most marinas are now requiring $500,000 liability insurance as a condition for moorage.

In almost all instances a buyer’s survey (C-V) is paid for by the buyer. Other variations on payment are seen, but only occasionally.

Again, in almost all instances of a buyer’s survey, the pre-purchase haul out is paid for by the buyer.

Survey costs can vary based on a number of factors:

  1. Vessel Size
  2. Hull Construction (cored or solid fiberglass)
  3. Hull Material (fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood, or ferrocement)
  4. Age (pre 70’s are typically extra)

Our minimum survey fee is $500. Very small vessels brought to our facility could be somewhat less. Our minimum per foot is $24 and is increased if any of the above factors are applied. We are always happy to quote on any vessel promptly 

Our hourly rate is $150/hr. This covers most types of work except for depositions and testifying.

Unless there are logistical problems preventing a haul out, we strongly recommend hauling. Even if the vessel were recently hauled, it only takes a single grounding or contact with a log or other debris to inflict serious, very expensive damage. Issues such as loose struts, worn cutlass bearings, bent or loose props, worn folding/feathering props, engine alignment issues, keel attachment deficiencies, dealloyed underwater metals, old repairs, blisters, soggy rudders, worn rudder bushings, bent shafts/struts/rudders, and wet hull core are some of the possible faults only discoverable with a haul out. Plus, many insurance companies require an out of the water survey as a condition of coverage.

In cases where logistical problems prevent a haul out at the time of purchase, a portion of the purchase value can be put into escrow pending a future haul out within a time period agreed to by both parties. In most instances we do not charge extra to attend the vessel a second time when it is hauled. We will then amend the survey report to include information on the underwater portion of the hull and the running gear; and, if any deficiencies are noted, they will be added to the Items Noted portion of the survey also.

Based on vessel location and boat type (power, sail, size), different haul out facilities can be selected. We will be adding a map of haul out facilities and their information. In the meantime, we will be happy to recommend two or three facilities within a reasonable distance of the vessel’s location.

Most certainly. We drive to surveys in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We fly if distances are greater than 6 to 8 hours. We will fly to other states and countries for reasonable air and hotel charges plus the possibility of a half day or daily rate for down days.

We typically travel within a 40 mile radius of our office at no charge. We charge flat rates to various cities depending on distance.

Price is but a single measure. Check credentials. Anyone can call themselves a surveyor — it is an unregulated industry. What training and experience can they bring to the table? Do they belong to a surveyor’s organization? Which organization? There are some surveyors credential mills that issue a certificate for a $20 fee. Check their references. What training certifications do they have? Call boatyards and brokers to see check their reputation. Ask how long the survey will take. This may be a measure of their thoroughness. Ask if their survey will be accepted by all lenders and insurance companies. Ask for a sample of a survey report on a vessel similar to the vessel you are buying. Check the report for hard, factual information. Many survey reports are check lists with a lot of fluff added but no real findings.

We are members of the largest surveyor’s organization in the world — the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® (SAMS®). We have a stringent vetting process for applicants. SAMS® has a 5 year apprenticeship before a surveyor associate can sit for the accreditation exam. They require educational units during the apprenticeship program and continuing education units after upgrading to Accredited Marine Surveyor® (AMS®). Membership in SAMS® is recognized by lenders and insurance companies as bringing value added to the surveyor community. A check of the CREDENTIALS page explains what we bring to a survey. It cannot tell you our attention to detail or our desire to learn all the vessel can tell us. We spend an average of 8 hours conducting a survey on a 30’ vessel. We spend an average of another day researching values and writing the report. Ask the low bidder how long he expects the survey to take. And, there are many part time surveyors with other income sources who don’t charge very much for their work. These folks seldom have any training, continuing education credits, peer group input or other sources to keep pace with the rapid changes in regulations, materials, and equipment. Their work seldom measures up. We average 100+ surveys a year each and continually take advantage of numerous educational venues. Our certifications and associations dues and fees are expensive. We could not afford this if we were only surveying part time or at cut rates. Surveying is all we do. Check on your surveyors as you would a doctor, dentist, or attorney. All professions have good and bad members. Our goal is to be the best surveyors we can be every single survey.

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