Finally expanding my shop and office and adding a class room. Not much to look at yet, walls painted, insulation in, new windows, floor ground and new epoxy paint added, lights next, then Move In!

Expanding & Remodeling

Goodbye ZINC Anodes,

Hello Activated
Aluminium Anodes!

From the West Marine Advertisement:
“Martyr Aluminum Anodes: Committed to protecting the environment.

  • Contain 0% cadmium, a highly toxic metal)
  • Protect 1.5 times longer and weigh 50% less than traditional zinc anodes
  • Aluminum is the only active material proven to be effective in saltwater and brackish water.”

This surveyor’s experience has shown that aluminum anodes protect far better in fresh and brackish water and will work as well as zinc in salt water. With the benefit of no cadmium, less weight, and longer life there appears to be no downside. But, tradition dies hard in the marine arena and old wives’ tales and word of mouth holds sway around the waterfront. It won’t be too long before zinc anodes go the way of leaded gas. In this case, not only is there a viable alternative, but the alternative is better than the item it is replacing.

Note: We are not endorsing Martyr anodes over any other brand, this West Marine ad just caught my eye.